Tony Abbott Nudges Past Child During School Footy Game

Category: Society / Jul 12, 2013 10:39PM EDT

Tony Abbott has nudged a kid out of the way during a schoolyard game of footy. (AAP/Kym Agius) The federal opposition leader, who's known for his competitive streak, visited a Catholic college in Kevin Rudd's electorate on Friday. He spent time on the field with students and had just retired to the sidelines when the ball again caught his eye. As he charged off again in quick pursuit, a skinny young kid in a wide-brimmed hat got in the way. With a sidestep to rival Benji Marshall, Mr Abbott nudged the boy aside leaving the student with his hands on his hips and looking slightly miffed. The visit was marked by another amusing moment as the would-be prime minister posed for photos with students at the library. Behind the press pack, one of his staffers locked his eyes and fervently pointed to her brilliant smile, like a stage-mum trying to elicit a winning grin from her offspring. Mr Abbott's own media antics didn't stop him from taking a dig at Mr Rudd's. "It's all about managing the media, it's not about running the country," he said. "That's the whole point with Mr Rudd. He's not interested in governing, he's interested in celebrity