Category: Society / Feb 23, 2013 11:56AM EDT

Kevin Rudd has taken to posting his workout videos on YouTube, with varying success. (AAP/Miles Godfrey) SCRIPT - As speculation continues that he may be about the muscle in on the prime minstership, Kevin Rudd has posted a video of himself trying - and completely failing - to do some pull-ups. The Labor backbencher was at Brisbane's Kangaroo Point on Friday morning for a television appearance when he was encouraged to have a quick work-out with a muscle bound personal trainer. Unfrotunately for Mr Rudd, he wasn't quite tall enough to reach the apparatus bars. The personal trainer tried to help Mr Rudd onto the bars, but the MP had to quickly abandon the attempt when he still couldn't grab the bars. A second video, posted by Mr Rudd later on Friday morning, shows him successfully doing pull-ups from some lower handles. And it's not the first time the Queenslander has posted a video of himself working out. A fortnight ago he published a video of himself lifting weights. The video, titled, "Getting ready this morning for the Big Guns of politics on Sunrise" has gained just over 7000 views on YouTube